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This is possibly the most important thing to ever happen ever

our jack ridley III an art showing on tuesday - missed out if you weren’t there.  pic stolen from Antonia Marsh of girlsonlynyc - free the nipple

Anonymous asked - "so im not the only one who calls brodie "brodie" instead of joe? bc brodie just fits him way better than joe"

Nah man brodie is just such a fun name to say

Anonymous asked - "The bottom line is Brodie is fucking awesome and we all love him and wouldn't trade him for any other drummer in the world"



Anonymous asked - "wait wuuuut so what went down with lakis...."

Hey man calm down it doesn’t matter now does it? We have a brodie, there’s no point in complaining when we have a brodie

Anonymous asked - "Quick question what really happened with the old drummer??? I miss him"

What old drummer? Joe brodie has always been the drummer, he has just only recently hatched from his short curly-haired cocoon and emerged as a beautiful British butterfly