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Anonymous asked - "Do you know any websites selling drowners t shirts?"

Not at the moment sorry bud


Shell Across the Tongue, Drowners

@ The Roxy 4/15

Anonymous asked - "Do you think they'll ever come to the east coast?"

Of course!

Anonymous asked - "Any tour in South America that you know?"

Not at the moment, but they definitely loved brazil when they were there last summer and I bet they can’t wait to come back!

Anonymous asked - "Do u think they'll tour the east coast? Cause they're only touring with peace until govs ball but have nothing planned for the summer which is odd"

We’ll all just have to wait in anticipation

Anonymous asked - "Also to that anon, scream morrissey lyrics in his face, throw the catcher in the rye first edition copies at him and shower him with beer"

rip bad times man, rip bad times

Anonymous asked - "Do u think drowners will tour after their NYC date (June 13) cause they haven't done the east coast yet"

they’re touring with peace in the UK during the summer so I’m not sure if they’re going to announce more dates or if the NYC show is just a one off thing with albert

Anonymous asked - "do you have any advice on what to say them to start a convo not have it be awkward? like what do I do/say if I ever meet them"

Start screaming lines from catcher in the rye in Matt’s face and then proceed to chant “RIP bad times” while rubbing Jack’s head