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Anonymous asked - "Do u think drowners will tour after their NYC date (June 13) cause they haven't done the east coast yet"

they’re touring with peace in the UK during the summer so I’m not sure if they’re going to announce more dates or if the NYC show is just a one off thing with albert

Anonymous asked - "do you have any advice on what to say them to start a convo not have it be awkward? like what do I do/say if I ever meet them"

Start screaming lines from catcher in the rye in Matt’s face and then proceed to chant “RIP bad times” while rubbing Jack’s head

queenclare asked - "Hey is there a drowners merch site? Xxxxxxxxxx"

Clare, you are seeing them on Tuesday get your merch then smh

Anonymous asked - "hey is there anywhere you can watch drowners at coachella yet? ps ily"

I don’t think it was streamed sorry bb

Anonymous asked - "have you ever met drowners?"

Only Matt and Jack but yeah I have


Excited everyone?